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Making a Living Outcomes – Grade 7 Student's Book This book is in 3 sections—Managing Resources, Better Living and Community Development. These are th.. Product #: 9780733981081 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $34.00 $34.00

Making a Living Outcomes – Grade 7 Student's Book by Brian Robertson, Trevor Tindall and Josie Villacorta-Swallow

Students will use more than their imagination as they work through Making a Living Outcomes for grade 7. This course is all about preparing students for leaving school and joining their community. There are plenty of practical activities and stories and many opportunities to test what they have learned. What students learn in this course will fit them for further learning or for becoming independent earners in their village if they wish.

They will learn about resources and how to manage them and to make the place in which they live and work safe and pleasant. They will learn how to look after their health their time and their money and about sharing resources and information. They will also learn the basics of setting up a business project and how to accomplish this with the help of their friends in the community.

The teaching and learning focus is student centred. It aims to engage small class groups of two to five students. As students participate in activities related to an outcome they are guided through a semi-structured process. The process encourages them to think about what they know, explore and research new information, develop skills and processes through a project, check what they have learned and then answer a challenge using their new found knowledge.

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