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Cost of Books

As always the price of books on this site includes postage to anywhere in Australia. However due to changes of how the books are now sourced, and increased mailing costs, prices have risen slightly.

Prices reflect the most cost effective way I know to supply single book copies to anywhere in Australia but if for any reason you need more than a single copy of one book, or you would like to buy two or more different books, then I will arrange the best possible price for you.

If you are buying books for yourself or a school in Papua New Guinea or the Solomon Islands or for anywhere else outside of Australia then again I will be pleased to arrange the best price for you.

I love to hear how and why the books are being used and I am always happy to talk about any aspects of teaching or learning associated with the books.

You will note that every book comes with details about it’s content. Over the next few months this information will be added to. I will also provide you, before purchase, with a few scanned pages of any book you are considering buying, all you have to do for all of the above is contact me.

Brian Robertson

New Book: "A Gordon For Me"

A Gordon For MeMy new book, "A Gordon For Me" is being published by Ringwood Publishing in Glasgow.

This book is about my time in the Gordon Highlanders in 1955 and 56.

Learn how politicians were responsible for the deaths of 371 British soldiers, many of them National Servicemen, in Cyprus during the 1950s. Sixteen of them were Gordon Highlanders.

Sign up here to receive free copies of the Introduction, Chapter 1 and a photograph of Somme Training Platoon at the Bridge of Don Barracks in March 1955.

I will also keep everyone who signs up for the free stuff informed about the development of the book and where and when it will be available.

Ringwood PublishingI am also happy to answer any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Accepting this free material puts you under no obligation to buy the eventual book. Nor will I ask you to buy anything else.

All the best,


Books_by_Brian Currently setting up my new website which will be a gateway for all the books I have authored and co-authored.