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Ples Bilong Yumi Reader 8 This reader has three stories. Dirty water—Lucy and her friend discover why the river water is very .. Product #: 9780733905780 Regular price: $16.50 $16.50

Ples Bilong Yumi Reader 8 by Brian Robertson and Kerepuke Toben

Price: $16.50

All the readers in this series aim to engage the students though the story content and the illustrations. Many of the stories (but not all of them) were developed from accounts of activities experienced by teacher college students when they were very young and living in their villages. The authors explained to students the sort of stories they wanted and paid these students to write stories based on personal experience.

The students’ stories were then developed into the stories that appear in the readers. Each reader has three stories and Nina Sanadze illustrates all the stories.

The stories are all about gardening, the environment, plants, animals, family activities, accidents or just adventures. They therefore compliment Lower Primary subjects such as Health, Community Living, Environmental Studies and Language of course.

As each student becomes interested in the story he/she will also learn more about the subject of the story. Some stories have morals to them—lying is bad, stealing is bad, be careful with sharp knives and so on, but most are simply stories that the students will enjoy.

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