About Brian Robertson

I am an old new writer. By that I mean I have been writing books only since I retired in 1998. Most of the books I have produced I have co-authored. So where I say I have produced or written a book don’t take it too literally.

Writing keeps me busy and like all writers I want to sell my books but I find all the technicalities associated with tweeting, blogging and face booking etc. a bit of a chore. But I will try harder.

At first I only wrote books for schools in the South Pacific for the publisher Pearson Australia, then in 2012 David Barrett and I published Digger’s Story, his biography. More recently Ron Smallwood and I wrote Riotous Retirement, about life in a retirement village. A couple of years ago Ron and I also wrote the content for a children’s book My Australia. I also had a year off with the dreaded big C but I recovered thanks to modern medicine. Now I have written a new book A Gordon For Me, about my time in the Scottish regiment the Gordon Highlanders. There is a song of the same name which I like so I called the book after it. Listen to the song here.

I have several sites under booksbybrian.com.au including A Gordon for Me. This is because I cannot have a site dedicated to one writing genre, Military, Humour, Children’s books or Science books because I write in all these genres and perhaps I might write in others in the future.

I have the same problems as all writers who are not in the famous top 0.5% of the industry. I find it really hard to get published. However, I have been lucky and had some success in that area with Digger’s Story. I recruited a friend of mine (Agneau Press) to publish Riotous Retirement, so I have been down the self-publishing route also.

Very fortunately I found a Scottish, publisher for A Gordon for Me. The book certainly needed a Scottish publisher. Look them up at https://ringwoodpublishing.com.

If you would like to follow me then please subscribe to my mailing list. (You are automatically subscribed if you have already subscribed to any of my other websites.) I am always available through good old fashioned email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and look forward to answering any questions or just having a conversation.

Anyhow I will keep at it on this new combined site where all my book information has been put together by the experts at Webilicious.