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Description of the Book

Want to know what life is really like in a retirement village? Find out in the book Riotous Retirement. It is a collection of fifteen short stories each illustrating some aspect of life in a community for the retired.

You would think that over 55 year olds who have so many of life’s luxuries at hand—from bowling greens and craft rooms to swimming pools and gyms, would be mature enough to agree to live together in harmony. Granted they live in closer proximity to each other than in regular suburbia, but a little space is not much to sacrifice for such amenity and convenience.

If you thought like this you would be wrong of course! The stories in Riotous Retirement prove that the exact opposite is the case. Groups of retirement village residents just never agree about anything!

When people buy into a retirement village they become part of a community. This requires that they contribute collectively to decisions concerning the management of all this luxury. Invariably there are many who are not used to such compromise. They believe that only they are right. Not a good start in a communal living environment!

These differences of opinion are always blown up out of all proportion and if not by the participants, then certainly by the time the stories have been told a few times. The two authors of Riotous Retirement have, shamelessly, taken advantage of each and every such situation!

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About the Authors

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Author Contact Information

Brian Robertson
Phone: 07 38794195
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ron Smallwood
Phone: 0490 059 500
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Author Photographs

Riotous Retirement authors

Brian Robertson (left) and Ron Smallwood (right).

Publisher Contact Information

This is Pamela Lamb, phone 07 3818 7540, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the principal at Agneau Press, Bellbird Park, Ipswich, publishers of Riotous Retirement and other books many of which Pamela also authored.

Pamela Lamb Publisher

Book Cover

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