Agriculture in Melanesia – Grade 9 Student’s Book

Agriculture in Melanesia – Grade 9 Student’s Book

This book provides grade 9 students with the support necessary to achieve all of the agriculture syllabus outcomes detailed for this level. All agriculture students are required to cover the first two core units and two of the other six optional units or one optional unit from this book plus a school designed optional unit.

Core Unit, Agriculture in Papua New Guinea 1 covers the importance of agriculture to PNG, a study of soils, the functions of plant processes and the husbandry practices required to achieve sustainable agriculture.

Core Unit, Agriculture Production Systems in Papua New Guinea 1 covers the economic and ecological environments of agriculture at provincial and national levels and the development and reproduction of livestock.

The optional units expect students to work in small groups and to undertake an agriculture project.

They are expected to keep records for all stages of their project and write a final project report.

Appendix 1 in this book Writing about agriculture demonstrates to students exactly how to write up their projects. It shows students how to write and the students decide what to write following examples of the kind of writing that is required.

This provides excellent practice in developing the skills students may need some day when applying to the bank for a loan to start a project.

Authors: Brian Robertson and Ekpo Ossum