Almost as good as the Broncos match

Thank you to those who have written and produced this hilarious Retirement Village book. It is lovely weekend reading and I only put it down to watch the Broncos’ match.

There would be replicas of the characters in any village.

Brenda was so clever in convincing Gabriel to make the move. (This part is often left to the wife). She must be a saint to live with him, but he does grow on you as you read on. I loved the tale of the dinner and car trip home with Susan and Duncan. (Good for you Susan.)

There are too many characters to mention but all the stories were enjoyable.

What can one say about Helga? I wonder what is happening to young Terry, the locum. And I’ll keep in mind about how to deal with the little so and SOS the next time they invade our village. (Idea on hold for now!)

If I see any garden gnomes in our village, I hope no one catches me standing outside laughing. (Hard to explain)

I also loved the Cartoons especially the front cover. I will remember about it when I get my motorised scooter.

Thank you for helping me to find something to laugh at this weekend. This is important!


Thelma Williams
Peninsula Park, Rothwell