Making a Living Practical Guide – Coffee and Cocoa Farming

Making a Living Practical Guide – Coffee and Cocoa Farming

Like all the books in this series the main purpose is to let young people know how they can make some money by starting a business that is well within their capability. They are written to be easily understood, provide honest advice and encourage enthusiasm.

Coffee and Cocoa Farming are both very popular farming ventures in Papua New Guinea. The book includes details about the biology and origins of the species of both crops.

The chapter on environmental issues includes a discussion about consumer trends in importing countries. The author makes no excuse for recommending the use of organic rather than intensive methods to grow both crops. This has nothing to do with the quality of the product—I don’t know if it makes much difference. It is simply from the point of view of good economics for the smallholder cocoa or coffee grower.

There is an interesting section explaining the reasons for loss of soil of fertility and how to improve it. The legume family of plants have a role to play here.

The chapter on pests and diseases has detailed information on fungal and bacterial disease as well as information about pests for both crops. For this chapter it would have been better had the book been in full colour but at least the relevant information is all there.

Author: Brian Robertson

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