Making a Living Practical Guide – Insect Farming

Making a Living Practical Guide – Insect Farming

Like all the books in this series the main purpose is to let young people know how they can make some money by starting a business that is well within their capability. They are written to be easily understood, provide honest advice and encourage enthusiasm.

Insect Farming explains very simply how to make changes to old gardens to encourage particular insects to an area. Rather than walking for kilometres through the bush looking for specific insects you encourage the insects to come closer to you.

The book has a six page table which details the types of insect that are likely to be found in different areas of PNG and the types of food plants that attract them.

This means you don’t waste your time trying to attract insects that don’t exist in your area you simply plant the right shrubs and vines to attract the right insects.

The main buyer of insects in Papua New Guinea is probably the Insect Farming and Trading Agency (IFTA) at Bulolo in Morobe and there may be others of course. The book explains in detail how to kill, preserve and package insects to send to IFTA. The other author of this book, David Whittaker, worked at IFTA at the time of writing. He was (and is) the insect expert. He went to work in Africa somewhere. If you are reading this please get in touch David.

Author: Brian Robertson and David Whittaker