Making a Living Practical Guide – Rabbit Farming

Making a Living Practical Guide – Rabbit Farming

Like all the books in this series the main purpose is to let young people know how they can make some money by starting a business that is well within their capability. They are written to be easily understood, provide honest advice and encourage enthusiasm.

Rabbit Farming was written by me but I must be honest and say that my wife who kept many rabbits when we were first married helped a lot. We really needed extra money in those days as well as cheap roast rabbit to feed the kids!

The book has clear diagrams with dimensions to enable the construction of rabbit hutches or wire cages. In addition there are instructions on how to make feeders and drinkers.

Information is also given about what and what not to feed rabbits. One of the best foods are the plants in the legume family. Reasons for this are explained in detail.

There is a chapter on work and money, which includes a section on marketing and record keeping. The records you should keep if you intend to breed and sell rabbits are particularly important.

John Sera the fellow on the front cover of this book kept rabbits at his place in Segomi village in the Unggai/Bena District of Eastern Highlands near Siokiei Community School. If you recognise yourself on the cover John please get in touch and let me know if you are still keeping rabbits.

Author: Brian Robertson