I have found your book un-put-down-able!!

As an 83 year old I was too young to for war service but my neighbour and life long friend Harry Sharland, from Sidcup in Kent, (UK) spent much of his war at Kanchanaburi and as a result I have an abiding interest in that particular phase of the war. I have since met and befriended a number of other men who were on the railway. …

Harry was a bank clerk before the war and he used his experience to sneak out of the camp at night and meet Boon Pong, who exchanged officers’ cheques for medical supplies and food. And all those cheques were honoured after the war. Page 105 (Digger’s Story) tells me that you (David) had similar dealings with Boon Pong: maybe you and Harry were known to each other?

Roger Dracup
Sorrento, Western Australia