Welcome to PNG Schoolbooks

Hello all teachers, students and parents who are interested education in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and all other South Pacific schools!

This site is about to undergo a major upgrade. I have neglected it for far too long. The main purpose of this site in future will be to comment on and encourage comment from you about any aspect of education that you think it is worth saying. It might be about a single school, the curriculum, the resources provided or not provided by the Government or any other topic you think needs talking about.

The site will still have a few books but only books that I have written or helped to write and perhaps a few other books that are special in some way. You will be able to choose, where to buy these books, from two or three online book stores.

There will also be a great deal of information about each book on this site, much more than appears on any other online book store. Extra resources available for students or teachers in connection with these books will also be available from time to time.

Students, teachers and parents are also encouraged to use the Contact Us button if you want to ask anything about any of the books—or ask about anything ellse in connection with this site. That way you can have your question answered personally.

All books on this site relate directly to the latest version of the 'reform curriculum' which is available at http://www.pngcurriculumreform.ac.pg.

You can ask a question at no cost to you simply by giving your name and your email address.